What is Feign client and Why Feign Client in Spring Cloud Microservices.

The general definition of Feign client is It provides abstract over the Rest based calls. It is a declarative Web service client.
What is the meaning of the above definitions?
Normally if you want to call Particular Rest Client, you have to write a bunch of Programs to invoke a Web Service. In the case of Feign, you don’t have to worry about those bunch of programs for communicating with Webservice. It is called Abstraction. Feign Hide all complexity and it takes care of everything.
Feign provides some annotation, just we need to annotate those annotations in our program for connecting, sending a request, and receiving a response.
That’s it. This is called Declarative Web Service

The purpose of Feign client is, There are many Web service run in the microservice environment, in order to communicate microservices with each other, we don’t have to write any boilerplate code, Feign Client provides some annotation using those annotations we can tell that which microservice you want to communicate. Feign Clent makes developer life easy.

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