JPA Overview,Hibernate vs JPA. Power of Repository Interface – part 1 – Session 23

Hello friends welcome back ! The last video session Session22 we have seen how to integrate Swagger in our Spring Boot Application.
In this Tutorial we will going to see JPA with Spring Boot.
Why JPA ?
JPA is for accessing Database and manipulating the Data through the Java Object rather than directly manipulating with Tables with Records.
What is JPA?
JPA is a specification which uses the Hibernate ,Toplink,iBatis implementation. benefits of JPA is , we can use any ORM tool as we needed. For example if you are using Hibernate today. if want to use TopLink , you can easily switch Hibernate to Toplink

Spring Boot JPA provides Powerful feature to manipulate Data. Even you don’t have to write any code to perform CRUD Operation. JPA provide list of Interfaces those are called as Repository Object using which we can handle the DB operation without write code.
Following are Repository interface provided by JPA.

Following Picture explains that Hierarchy of Repository interface.
JPA Hierarchy
It provides all DB operation like Save,Delete,Update and select. Apart from these operation, it provides some additional DB operation like Batch update etc.
This class provide the feature of Sorting and pagination mechanism and CRUD operation(save,delete,update and select)
This class provide only CRUD operation nothing else.
This is the Parent class of all Repository interface
The full source code available @ following GitHub link:
Please look at following full video for overview of Spring Boot JPA

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