How to create a Web Application using Spring Boot and Thymeleaf – Good Practical example – Session8

Welcome back Friends. In the previous video session we have seen so many example and we used those examples using Restful Web Service. but we have not seen how to create Web Application.
What is Web Application?
Web Application diagram

This picture shows that how Web Application flow would be.
The Web Application always tightly coupled with one client. The response given by the server is only understand by one client device. For example, in legacy FB and Gmail talk to only can’t talk to mobile. that time it was Web application it is compatible only with Browser Drawback of Web application is we can’t communicate multiple type of client. Please check the following flow diagram.

What is Restful Web Application?

Restful web application digaramThis picture shows that how Restful Web service Web Application flow would be. The Restful web Application always communicate with Client with Standard format which is either XML or JSON Data format. So, Client App send request to JSON/XML format and Server read the request and based on request , it will send the response to client in JSON/XML format. Client device read the server response and convert it to its understandable format. in the case of browser ,it converts the Server response to HTML format. Through this approach any client can communicate with Restful Web Service.
Watch this following YouTube video to understand about Web Application and Restful Web Service

The following video explains how to create Web Application using Spring Boot App.
If you want to implement Restful or Web Application we need to use following starter Project in our POM.xml


if you want to create any client interface , we need to configure respective client resolver in our Spring Boot Application. in our case we don’t have to do anything because if you add following starter Project, thymeleaf client resolver automatically configured by Spring Boot


Thymeleaf is a Java library. It is an XML/XHTML/HTML5 template engine that is able to apply a set of transformations to template files in order to display data produced by your Web Applications. Since Spring Boot Does all auto-configuration for us, you just add that artifact in your pom.xml file.
What following full video which explains how to create a Web Application using Thymeleaf.

Download source code from following GitHub

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