Creating your first App Restful WebService using Spring Boot

Nowadays it is very easy to create Spring Boot based applications. All you want to do is go to the following website and enter the necessary information to create the Spring boot App. more details available in the Video
Please watch this full video and you will be getting a better understanding of how to create Spring Boot App. In the Next Video, I will explain some concepts about the Spring Boot like Why pom.xml and @SpringBootApplication Annotation, etc.

How to access the back-end API method from client device like chrome, mobile, etc.
How to access your API Endpoint from Client App, if you want to refer spring Boot Application from the Server, we need to use Server IP Address or if the Spring Boot application is running in your local machine, We need to use

The default port number of Spring Boot Application is 8080 if you are using your own port number defined in, use that port  number to access the Spring Boot App
Then you need to use, mapping  name to access the API, in our case our back end API mapping is
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