How do you decide your blog post topic and find a trending topic for your blog post to reach your customer?

How do you decide your blog post topic and find a trending topic for your blog post to reach your customer?
Google Trends for digital Marketing

Hello Friends, I am not expert in Digital marketing but I am curious to know about digital marketing and how the people are achieving their business through digital marketing.
There are four important tools that help you to write a good blog post for your offline or online business promotion.

Google Trends
Google Keywords Tool – Chrome Extension
VidiQ Chrome extension
Similar Web

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Your blog post is not necessarily about your business. It can be anything. All we are trying to reach your business through the trending blog post. When you write an article on your site, it is very important to give your business Ad part of your blog so people get a chance to see your service/website.

Google Trends
Google Trends is a tool developed by Google Company. It is very useful to find out today’s Trending Topics. It gives the report about the Topic like how many people are searched about the topics. For example, Chandrayan 2 is the most trending news some day’s back. If you try to search what is Chandrayan 2 in Google Trends, this tool returns how many people like to know about this topic and its related topics.

You can get this report by country and last 30 days or last 7 days so on. You can try with your own topics, if the topics give a good report for last 30 days, write your own article about that topics so, whenever people try to search particular topics, your website may come to their search result. Through the Google Trends, you can find the good trending topic for your blog for the day, now you need to find out quality keywords which are part of your blog post. How do you find quality keyword for your blog post?

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We will discuss this in the next topics. Thanks!!

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